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Modern Anniversary Gifts for Each Year of Marriage

Erika Vandermost

Posted on January 11 2019

Anniversary Gifts

Your wedding anniversary is coming up and you want to get your spouse something fitting and memorable.

While the traditional ways of celebrating anniversaries can be fun, it can be even more fun gifting something a little more modern with a traditional twist. Online gifts are a great way to ensure you find truly affordable and value for money gifts that your partner is sure to love.

Let’s look at some of the best inexpensive gift ideas for less to celebrate your wedding anniversary:

1. Your Very First Wedding Anniversary

Traditionally, the first year of marriage is celebrated with paper. If you want to celebrate with paper, why not get a good-looking notebook or journal from 19dollarsorless?

If you’re not too keen on the traditional way of things, why not gift your partner with some homemade gift coupons for things around the house that they’ll appreciate you doing for them, like cooking dinner or doing the laundry. If you’re after affordable gifts that won’t cost a fortune, this is a great idea.

Anniversary Gifts

2. The 2nd Anniversary

You must be looking for some amazing gift ideas for your partner, right? Traditionally, cotton is the gift of choice for 2 years of marriage. If you’re looking for online gifts, why not opt for some cotton clothing? Or what about a canvas wall hanging to give the cotton gift a little twist?

3. The 5th Anniversary

Traditionally for the fifth wedding anniversary, wood was the material of choice. Since wood is super fashionable at the moment, a wooden sign or wall hanging is a perfect idea. 19dollarorless have beautiful wooden pieces that will look amazing in your home plus they are great value for money gifts.

4. The 10th Anniversary

Ten years is a great milestone usually celebrated with tin or aluminum. Spice things up and show your partner you love them with a beautiful bracelet or even some cute succulents for around the house.

5. The 20th Anniversary

This anniversary is typically celebrated with China. Instead of buying China that can be quite costly, why not find some value for money gifts that can go in the kitchen. Some online gifts you could get include cute mugs or bowls from 19dollarsorless.

6. The 30th Anniversary

If pearls are not quite your jam, celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary with some alternative online gifts. Marble is highly fashionable right now and this gold and white marble necklace could be just the right gift to celebrate 30 years of marriage.

7. The 50th Anniversary

You’ve reached gold status! 50 years of marriage is known for being the golden anniversary. This is typically when where a couple gifts each other with golden delights.

If gifting gold jewelry or other gold items is a little out of your budget and you’re looking for affordable gifts with the same effect, why not find some fun items like a golden pineapple bottle opener or a gold metal cactus keychain? Your spouse will probably love the playful side of you when gifting items like these!